I accidentally booked a ticket in redBus as a consequence of a surprise feature in their app which pissed me out! I initiated a support request with customer support the same day asking for a refund as it was totally a mistake as a consequence of the app not letting me know of the feature before hand! They told me the issue would get resolved within 48 hours. The interesting thing here is that they also promised that they would give me a cashback of ₹25 for each hour of delay in resolution. They call this “red:Care”. As you’ll know by the end of this post they should have called this We don’t care. I waited hoping for a good resolution but it turned out my expectations were wrong.


The first message in the ticket was from the executive I spoke with. I’m including it here for the sake of completeness.

The customer care's description of my problem.
First message in the ticket from the executive I spoke. It explains my problem.


The first response I got the next day:

The first response from customer care which shows they didn't understand my problem clearly.
First response by the customer support.

So, that clearly showed me they haven’t understood my issue completely. They just seem to be giving a resolution for the sake of doing so. So, I replied to them trying to clarify my problem once more.

My attempt at explaining to the customer care that the problem was due to the fact of the auto-completion which I was completely unaware of.
My first response trying to explain the problem again.

I thought they would understand at least after my explanation. They didn’t.


The response I got from them is shown below.

The response which was mostly the same as the previous one stating there was no issue in their end so they can't help me anymore.
Second response to the ticket by customer care.

So, the second response wasn’t promising either. They just repeated what they said before stating the problem is not in their side so they can’t help me anymore.

My response to the ticket:

My response to them stating they never seem to understand and stating them the gist of the problem.
My second response to the ticket

I hoped they would understand the issue at least now.

The third very vague response which wasn't useful either. They just keep saying indirectly that they aren't wrong and it was my mistake.
Third response to the ticket by customer care.

Seems I was wrong. The third response was worse than the previous ones. They just keep on saying indirectly that they aren’t wrong and it was my mistake!

My response trying to explain to them once more:

My third and final response asking them to understand my situation.
My third response to the ticket.


I was waiting for a response but didn’t get any until night. I thought I would at least receive the amount they promised for delay. I didn’t get that either. So, I called their support. They told me that I would get a resolution within 24 hours. When I asked about the promise they made they told that they were providing a resolution and I was not satisfied with their resolution so they can’t give me what they promised. I find that odd. Anyways there’s only so much you could worry about. So, I left it out considering it to be a fake promise.


I didn’t receive a response from them until tonight either. So, I called them back. The first time I was put on a long hold (~15-17 minutes) and so I had to cut the call and call back again. I found that to be a very bad experience, of course. Then when I called back again the person who spoke with me was kind and told me that the issue is in high priority and added that he has further highlighted the issue and I would receive a resolution by the end of the day or by tomorrow. I thought I should wait for one last time.


Just as I expected, I didn’t receive a response today either. I thought I should wait until tomorrow morning and call them after that.


I checked for a response in the morning but I didn’t receive any. So, I called the customer care and apologised for the long delay and requested me to wait until today end of the day. I was complaining that they have been promising the same thing again and again and not getting back. I told them this should be the last time they ask me to wait and hung up.

After some time, I checked to see if there were any updates. Surprisingly there was an update but I was totally shocked on seeing the resolution they gave after making me wait for three days!

Write to us if you need any furhter assistance. Thank you for choosing redBus!
Final response to ticket by customer service.

I was totally frustrated on seeing the response. So, I called the customer care and told them about this and asked for a justification. They tell me,

This is not an issue, right?

They also tell me,

Nowadays in all the apps it (OTP auto-completion) is a feature.

Honestly, I was new to this and haven’t heard about this or experienced this before which made me totally frustrated with the experience. Unfortunately, they never understood that. They didn’t even apologise for spooking me out. They were just speaking to me as if it was my mistake not knowing about the feature. How am I supposed to know about a feature I’ve never seen before?

Finally, they concluded that they can’t help me with this. They were strong about it. I was angry. So, I told harshly to let the users know about their damn auto-completion at least in the future and mentioned that I would never use redBus again.

So, that’s it. redBus didn’t care!

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  1. Argh! I felt frustrated just reading their responses, you must have been chewing the walls! I guess they hope if they wear you down enough you’ll go away, but it’s a terrible way to treat a customer. Entertaining blog though! 🙂


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