Today I booked a bus ticket to go to my native town. This time I booked a bus ticket as I couldn’t find any tickets in train that suits my expectations. I unusually booked the ticket via redBus as my friend told me that they offer a first time offer that would help me reduce the ticket fares a little. That sounded good. Who would not like to save money when there is a chance? I followed his instructions and in the end I did get an offer and it was nice.

Wait, all went well and what’s up with the title you wonder? It didn’t end there. I remember telling the redBus app not to remember my debit card. But when I checked back it seemed to be remembering it. Being security concious I deleted it manually. I should have stopped there but i didn’t. That’s where the “Bug Hunter” part of me comes into picture. I decided to re-check if the app really stored the card details despite me telling it not to or if it was just my mistake. That’s when things went bad.

I quickly filled the From and To stations and decided to initiate payment using debit card again. I thought I could cancel the payment when it would ask me for the OTP in the bank page. I entered the card details and initiated the payment. I was then taken to the bank’s page to enter the OTP. Then it happened. Before I could even cancel the payment the redBus app auto-detected the OTP from the bank filled it into the relevant field and happily completed the transaction! The ticket just got booked. I didn’t expect that to happen!! I hate unexpected automations particularly those that take away money😠

Previously, when I booked the ticket I had to manually enter the OTP. I have no idea why it auto-detected the OTP and completed the transaction this time. I’m contacting their support to get a refund for this. Hope it goes well.

Conclusion: Some things are better not automated. If they really need to be, let the user know it’s automated before hand. Don’t give them pleasent surprises (sometimes it might end up as a bad experience).

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